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Few themes have such universal resonance in our time as digital technology. As we explore in this issue of Accountancy Futures, the IT revolution we are living through is shaping the strategic ambition and operations of every organisation.

Finance professionals have a proud record of embracing technological advances to improve the service they give their clients and the value they add to organisations. But as technology continues to develop at a breakneck pace, individuals and organisations have a clear onus to keep up to date with emerging technologies and the burgeoning associated risks.

ACCA’s and CA ANZ’s joint research Cyber and the CFO – an examination of the cybersecurity landscape – dovetails with ACCA’s insights on machine learning (Machine learning: more science than fiction), which examines how artificial intelligence works to allow systems to learn and improve.

Both provide timely opportunities for financial professionals to learn about areas of digital that offer significant opportunity and yet equally material threats.

These two emerging trends do prove that the longstanding requirements of professional judgment and ethical input are required more than ever. You can read about machine learning in 'Science reality' and cybersecurity in 'A perfect storm'.

Integrity issues have real life consequences as can be seen by a poll into public trust in tax systems. Global research by ACCA, CA ANZ and IFAC found tax professionals are considered to be more trustworthy than the tax authorities, politicians and the media. But there is no room for complacency: 55% say they trust advisers, down two percentage points on the survey findings from two years ago. (See 'Mixed feelings'.)

Wherever and however you are reading Accountancy Futures – and whether you are doing so in print or on the app – this edition is designed to provide insight and understanding of the latest technology in order to help individuals and organisations build the skills and competencies required for success and sustainability in this digital world.

Stephen Walker, CA ANZ president
Robert Stenhouse, ACCA president

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